Hi, I am Jyppe A. Quidores. Thank you for visiting jyppe.com™ – my personal leisure blog and a place to talk about anything I wanted to share.

You can also find my graphic design and visual arts portfolio on this site, but I blog about visual arts and graphic design at CreativityWindow™.

I am a multidisciplinary visual artist who blends aesthetics into a happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

Making display props, setting up floor and window display, designing effective print designs – ranging from a small signage to a large vinyl wrap, doing product photography and maintenance of the visual impact of the store were only few to mention about my responsibilities on my previous job.

I hold a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics from Davao del Norte State College, Panabo City, Philippines with five different Leadership Awards (I was and am not really good in academics) and I am continuing my self-study on Marketing and Entrepreneurship.


Works & Recognition

Graphic Designer and Display Artist at Hua Ho Department Store, B.S.B., Brunei for 9 years: Set 200+ displays, done 2,000+ designs, and performed social media marketing, product photography, and hiring of new visual artists.

Contributor of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Here is my Wikipedia Contributions and Wikimedia Commons Contributions.

Graphic Designer and Layout Artist of Brunei Malay Wedding by Anyati Abdullah Orcullo, a 300+ pages coffee table book, published in 2014.

Design and published the VC-Compass™—Tool to Achieving Effective Visual Communication, which is composed of  VC- Funnel, the VC-Square, and the VC-Triangle, in June 2013.

Published the 77 Visual Merchandising Techniques and Ideas eBook version 1.0 in June 2012 via CreativityWindow™.

1st Runner Up of the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards 2011, OFW Bloggers Division with the  theme is “Ako’y Magbabalik, Hatid Ko’y Pagbabago.” (I will Return, I Will Bring Change.)

Article Contributor of The World of Fashion, 5th Edition to be published by Fairchild Books, a division of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., of 750 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017, in January 2013.

Won the 1st Place on the Filipino Bloggers Worldwide logo-making contest, July 2012.

Photo Contributor of Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective, 6th Edition (ISBN: 978-981-06-8797-7), published by Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd.

Published on BHC (Butra Home Concept) Magazine Special Hari Raya Issue, August 2013.

Personal Background

I am from a family of traditional farmers. I grew in a rural area of Alamada, Cotabato, Philippines so I know how hard is to live having root crops and coconut vinegar as meals, and walk more than five kilometers across the mountain ranges to reach the school.

I finished my secondary and tertiary education as scholar and part-time working student in Panabo City, Philippines so I know how and where to spend my time to be more productive, and to cook plain rice forage when financial resources are scarce.

Oh! By the way, when I was in high school, I learned how to prepare and sell puto, kusinta and refreshments to have some cash for my school necessities.

Many of my teachers especially Ma'am Arlene Onella, Ma'am Jo Castillo, and Ma'am Neth Tampos were so kind to assist me on my needs. May God bless them for all of their good deeds.

I was an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), based in Brunei, and a breadwinner so I know what is the feeling of working hard to earn enough amount of money and struggling on how to budget it properly to cater every needs of my family plus my wants and leisure.

See? That is how great my experiences are. In other words, I can teach how to eat root crops, cook forage and to struggle on budgeting. That’s all.  Hahaha! Just kidding.

College Days

Board of Trustee and Academic and Administrative Council Member , Davao Del Norte State College, Panabo City, Philippines, June 2006 – March 2007

Student Supreme Council President, DNSC, Panabo City, Philippines, June 2006 – March 2007

Editor-in-Chief and Layout Artist, College Year Book of Class 2007, DNSC, Panabo City, Philippines

Champion, Mascot Design Contest, Davao del Norte State College, New Visayas, Panabo City, Philippines, September 2005

2nd Placer, Pencil Rendering Contest, Institute of Arts and Sciences Laboratory, Davao del Norte State College, New Visayas, Panabo City, Philippines, August 2005

Champion, Poster-Slogan Making Contest, “Lakbay Laban sa Droga Program” (Anti-drug Campaign), Panabo City Library, Philippines, February 2004

2nd Prize Winner, SAMAFIL (an organization of students having a Filipino subject) Pencil Rendering Contest, Davao del Norte State College, New Visayas, Panabo City Philippines, August 2003

1st Prize Winner, Buwan ng Wika (National Language’s Month) Poster-making Contest, Davao del Norte State College, New Visayas, Panabo City Philippines, August 2002

Ranked Seventh, On-the-Spot Painting Contest, Mindanao Association of State Colleges and Universities Foundation (MASCUF) Sports and Socio-cultural Competition, Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat , Philippines , December 2003.

Recipient Of: Student Leader of the Year Award, Service Award, Office of the Vice Governor and Vice Mayor`s League of the Philippines Leadership Excellence Award, Gov. Gelacio P. Gementiza Leadership Medallion, Mayor Rey P. Gavina Leadership Excellence Medallion, and Gawad Likha medal.

Online Presence

I started entering the blogosphere in 2009 and after a year I have created many blogs as effect of my excitement in blogging until I have found my niche after few months of hopping from one blogging platform to another and writing anything and everything under the sun which I felt good talking about.

Though I have a little regret of having not a very good start in blogging, my learning from that experience is already a very good pay-off, and now I have the joy to maintain this blog, and other few blogs I have.

I have account on Google+,  LinkedIn,  Facebook,  Twitter, Delicious,  Flickr,  StumbleUpon, Digg,  and  Pinterest but they are not updated very often.

I spend most of my online time on YouTube and on my blogs.