The Boomerangs and the Three Hunters

Before the three hunters left the village for hunting, they have had a chance to meet together. The First Hunter proudly said, “When I come back, my family and friends will surely be happy to dine with me. They will enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

The Second Hunter bragged, “I borrowed money with 15% interest from my neighbor to buy my hunting tools, plus, I learned Kung Fu when I was young so I will let those animals in the forest taste my hunting skills of fury.” “Wheeee! Di nga?” the Third Hunter replied.

10+ Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Alamada

Being a part of the province that is known as the Food Basket of Mindanao, Alamada is dwelt by hard-working people who are toiling the hillsides and plains to grow various crops and raise livestock to feed their family and other people in the community.